Centra Industries

Centra's culture has been built on a foundation of teamwork, technology and innovation. Through this foundation, it is building a sustainable, competitive organization.

  • Centra's high-performance work culture is focused on continuously improving the way it does business.
  • Centra's Continuous Improvement Tool Kit engages employees at all levels in a structured improvement journey.
  • Centra's Mission as a company incorporates a view there must be a Win, Win, Win, (Shareholders, Employees, Business Partners) - each is dependent on each other.
  • The key to its improvement strategy is the continued investment in leading-edge manufacturing and IT technologies.

Centra is committed to continuously developing its infrastructure of skill sets and capital equipment in order to support its customers ever-changing manufacturing environment.

Mission, Values, Vision

Mission Statement

Why We Exist: To create long-term value for our stakeholders:

  • Our Shareholders
  • Our Employees and their Families
  • Our Business Partners

Core Values

What We Believe In:

  • Be passionate about being the best at what we do.
  • Take pride in our successes; knowledge from our failures.
  • Develop excellence in our people through knowledge, commitment and leadership.
  • Reward excellence, counsel mediocrity and rid ourselves of negativity.
  • Always be customer-focused.
  • Conduct ourselves with integrity and fairness.


What We Want to Be:

  • A great company to work with
  • A great company to work for
  • A formidable competitor
  • A company that consistently grows value

Centra Industries


High Speed Machining (33,000 RPM)

  • 3, 4, & 5-axis high speed machining of complex aluminum structures up to 13 ft (4m)
  • 3, 4, & 5-axis machining of stainless steel grades, titanium grades, nickel-based alloys and machining at 50+ Rc - up to 80 in. (2m)
  • Large tool change capacity

Assembly of Major Aircraft Sub-Structures

Metallic Assembly Core Competencies:

  • Typical assemblies include multiple machined details, bearings, bushings, sheet metal components and miscellaneous hardware
  • Takt driven, moving line assembly systems
  • Monolithic and complex multi-component assemblies
  • Adaptability to a wide range of components and production rates
  • Assembly mechanic ownership for product quality

Structural Assembly Core Competencies:

  • Large floor based jig assembly
  • In-house qualification of Final Acceptance Jigs (FAJ)
  • Precise part-to-part fit requirements
  • Assembly mechanic ownership for product quality


  • Digital model based certification
  • Electronic manufacturing information systems


Centra is a global leader in Integrated Aerostructures through:

  • Applying leading-edge machining technology.
  • Utilizing Lean Systems and Manufacturing technologies in the development of its Assembly Processes.
  • Leading in the development of information technology to simplify the complexity of its business.
  • Providing consistent performance in the Quality, Delivery and Cost of its services.
  • Being the Supplier of Choice when its customer is looking to develop or adopt a new initiative.

Level One:

Aluminum Machining, Hard Metals Machining, Non-Core Systems & Items

  • Aluminum Machining - Up to 12 feet (3.6 M) / Hard Metals Machining - Up to 80 inches (2 M).
  • Complex Geometry.
  • Tight Tolerance.
  • Demands Technology.
  • Non-Core Systems/Items - Supply Chain Competency.

Level Two:

Metallic Assemblies, Structural Assemblies "Sub-Structures"

  • Metallics are Key Cost Drivers.
  • Pulses at Program Build Rate.

Level Three:

Structural Assemblies "Sub-Structures"

  • Complex Integration of Components.
  • Large floor-based jig assembly systems.


Check our supplier document library for guides and quality documents.

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